Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Groups

Our DBT group programs have been developed by the Australian DBT Institute and are delivered online through DBT Assist and in person at our DBT Clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast!

DBT Practitioners meeting Australian standards!

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Teaching videos, handouts and more!
“Our programs provide individuals with access to the skills necessary to live a life they want to live! Through DBT Assist individuals have ongoing 24/7 access to teaching videos and resources to consolidate what they have learnt in their DBT program and to forge their own unique path to a skilful life”

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), developed by Marsha Linehan PhD at the University of Washington, is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on behavioural change for individuals with extreme emotions and distress. The “D” means “dialectical.” A dialectic is a synthesis or integration of opposites. In DBT, dialectical strategies help both the therapist and the client get unstuck from extreme positions. Dialectical strategies keep the therapy in balance and help clients reach their ultimate goals as quickly as possible. The “B” stands for “behavioural.” DBT requires a behavioural approach. This means that we assess the situations and target behaviours that are relevant to our clients’ goals in order to figure out how to solve the problems in their lives. The “T” stands for “therapy” which DBT is.
  • Our Facilitators are Comprehensively DBT Trained and Credentialed to Australian Health Professional Standards
  • DBT programs are validated by independent research
  • DBT group programs have been developed for individuals with maladaptive under-control and/or emotion dysregulation difficulties

Upcoming DBT Group Programs:
Online, In-person & Hybrid Groups

Our DBT clinics have accept new referrals four times a year with the following programs available in 2023!
  • Adult DBT Online program - Mondays 5.30pm (3 terms x 9 weeks = 27 sessions) 
  • Adult DBT Hybrid program (Gold Coast & Online) - Thursdays at 6pm
  • Adult DBT Gold Coast Clinic - Tuesdays & Thursdays 5.30pm (twice a week for 14 weeks = 28 sessions)
  • Sydney Clinic - Thursdays 4pm (3 terms x 9 weeks = 27 sessions)
  • Youth DBT Program (Gold Coast Clinic or online) - Thursdays at 4.30pm (3 terms x 10 weeks = 30 sessions)
  • Radically Open DBT - Rolling intake for our online program (30 sessions)

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