Youth DBT Program (Module 1)

This model has been used by the Australian DBT Institute since 2008. Our Youth DBT is for 14yo to 18yo youth and runs over 3 x 10 weekly modules.
  • Hybrid Group

    Attend online or in the GC.
  • Flipped Learning

    with videos of all skills.
  • ADBTI Developed

    program ran since 2008.
  • Handouts

    available available online!
    What you are going to learn IN MODUEL ONE

    DBT for Youth!

    The developers and researchers for the DBT Youth Approach believe that DBT skills training is beneficial for all young people.
    DBT has been found useful for youth at risk and youth with less severe problems such as light social drinking; first signs of non-suicidal and non-severe self-harm behaviour; anger dyscontrol; school avoidance; impaired self-awareness of emotions, goals, and values; and frequent relationship breakups.

    You will learn:

    • Mindfulness: States of Mind & Don't Judge
    • Middle Path Skill: Dialectics
    • Crisis Survival Skills: ACCEPTS & TIP
    • Skills about Emotions: MC Strong & Model of Describing Emotions
    • Relationship Skills: Goals & Priorities as well as GIVE Skills

    Our Youth DBT Program is run over three modules teaching a range of youth specific DBT Skills!

    Complete one module at a time!

    Youth specific DBT skills!

    DBT skills for everyone!

    A range of DBT skills including: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Middle Path, Emotion Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills!

    Module 1: Youth DBT Skills

    Week 1: Module Introduction and States of Mind
    Week 2: Mindfulness with a focus on "Don't Judge"
    Week 3: Dialectics
    Week 4: Wise Mind ACCEPTS Skills
    Week 5: TIPP Skills
    Week 6: Model of Describing Emotions
    Week 7: MC STRONG
    Week 8: Relationship Goals & Priorities
    Week 9: GIVE Skills
    Week 10: Module review session

    Module 2: Youth DBT Skills

    Week 1: Module Introduction and States of Mind
    Week 2: Mindfulness with a focus on being "Staying Focused"
    Week 3: Validation
    Week 4: Dual Awareness Skills
    Week 5: Half-smile as part of Self-Agency
    Week 6: Model of Describing Emotions
    Week 7: Pleasant events (short term & long term)
    Week 8: FAST Skills
    Week 9: DEAR MAN Skills
    Week 10: Module review session

    Module 3: Youth DBT Skills 

    Week 1: Module Introduction and States of Mind
    Week 2: Mindfulness with a focus on "Doing What Works"
    Week 3: Changing Behaviour 
    Week 4: Pros and Cons
    Week 5: Alternate Rebellion as part of Self-Agency
    Week 6: Opposite Action
    Week 7: Surfing the Wave of Emotions
    Week 8: Combating Worrying Thoughts
    Week 9: THINK Skills
    Week 10: Module review session

    Family, Friends & Carers DBT Program

    It is only young people we support! We require a young person's family member or significant support to also attend a DBT support program to provide an enhanced resource in each young person's environment by attending our Family, Friends & Carers DBT program!

    If you are a supporter, carer, family member, partner or friend of someone who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and/or extreme emotional dysregulation, our C-DBT is a program that can provide you with support and practical skills to effectively embrace compassion and wisdom each day to fully experience and participate in life!

    Your Primary Group Facilitator:

    Jen is a Credentialed DBT Skills Trainers from Essentia Health on the Gold Coast! Participants can join this group online or attend in person from Essentia Health's group room in Southport QLD.

    For more information please use the below contact details:
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    Developed in 2008 by Dr. P. King at the Australian DBT Institute.

    The Australian DBT Institute is a specialist service established in 2004 during a formal partnership and mentoring through Marsha Linehan’s (the developer of DBT) training organisation Behavioral Tech LLC between 2003 and 2008. Through the Essentia Health Clinics and DBT Clinics the Australian DBT Institute has been delivering DBT and DBT-Informed Programs in Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and online!